Man Robbed CVS Pharmacy 4 Times in 5 Months


A man from Camp Hill, Pennsylvania, has been arrested and charged with robbing the same CVS pharmacy 4 times.

A man from Camp Hill, Pennsylvania, has been arrested and charged with robbing the same CVS pharmacy 4 times.

Following his latest robbery attempt on November 9, 2014, Tyler S. Young, 21, was charged with 4 felony counts each of robbery, theft, and receiving stolen property, and misdemeanor fleeing or attempting to elude an officer, The Sentinel reports.

During that attempt, Young allegedly entered the Hampden Township location, went to the pharmacy counter, and then displayed a knife. He allegedly walked the pharmacist and pharmacy tech to the pharmacy safe while demanding oxycodone. He left the store with 3 bottles of the narcotic and attempted to leave in a vehicle. He allegedly eluded police through several municipalities, but was eventually pulled over.

An investigation of the vehicle revealed a large knife and 3 pill bottles. Young allegedly admitted to 3 additional robberies at the location committed on July 16, September 14, and October 2. He is being held in Cumberland County Prison on $80,000 cash bail.

The Sheriff’s Office in Collier County, Florida, is searching for a man suspected of taking cash from a local restaurant and CVS pharmacy, both at gunpoint, on November 8, 2014.

The suspect allegedly entered the Newsstand Café, where he walked into the kitchen area, displayed a handgun, and demanded money, according to Fox 4 News. Half an hour later, the suspect allegedly entered a CVS pharmacy, went to the cashier, and again displayed the gun and demanded money.

Police did not disclose the amount of money stolen during either incident. No one was injured.

A Skowhegan, Maine man who allegedly stole narcotics from a Rite Aid pharmacy on October 30, 2014, swallowed some of the pills prior to his arrest.

Jason Mitchell Walsh, 32, allegedly told police he ate “all of the pills” stolen from the pharmacy during the robbery, The Kennebec Journal reports. Walsh allegedly passed pharmacy employees a note demanding oxycodone tablets, Adderall pills, and fentanyl patches, and then left the store on foot after receiving oxycodone and Xanax pills.

Surveillance video at the pharmacy captured the incident, and store employees reportedly recognized Walsh as an occasional customer. Police reported locating him outside his apartment, where he consented to a search of the premises and a house where he reported doing some work. Police allegedly found clothing matching the description of the suspect’s outfit at the second house.

Walsh then allegedly denied any role in the robbery, agreeing to accompany police to the pharmacy to “clear the matter up,” The Kennebec Journal reports. He was charged based on the clothing description and the employee’s identification from the surveillance video.

Pills were allegedly found in his pocket, as well as on the ground near where he was searched. During a later search, police reportedly found the note Walsh allegedly used to threaten pharmacy staff.

A Long Island physician convicted of manslaughter for doling out painkiller prescriptions should serve 10 years in prison, the case’s prosecutors said in a recent court filing.

Stan Li, MD, was convicted of manslaughter for prescribing painkillers that caused 2 men’s deaths, 6 counts of criminal endangerment, and 180 counts of illegal sales, Newsday reported. Dr. Li was the prescribing physician for David Laffer, who executed 4 individuals, including the pharmacist, during a 2011 robbery at Haven Drugs in Medford.

“The Laffer tragedy underscores how much defendant set at risk when he sold prescriptions widely to an addicted population with no regard whatsoever for the secondary consequences,” wrote prosecutors Peter Kougasian and Charlotte Fishman in the filing.

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