Make 2016 Your Year of Career Redirection


This year, don't set resolutions. Set goals.

“Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare.” -Japanese proverb

My favorite part of the New Year is setting goals for myself.

This practice has helped me document my personal, career, health, and spiritual progress since 2013. Who knew the Notepad app on an iPhone could house all your hopes and dreams?

My personal goals for 2016 include:

  • Paying off all student loan debt.
  • Writing 100 words each day.
  • Reading 10 pages of a personal development book each day.
  • Joining a business mastermind.
  • Attending at least one national pharmacy conference.
  • ​Helping more pharmacists achieve their dream careers.

We did well on achieving our 2015 goals: buying property, paying down half of my student loans, and updating the flooring in our house. (Two dogs + a toddler = carpet destruction.)

This year, however, I want to focus less on myself and more on others. I am dubbing 2016 the Year of Redirection.

This year, I encourage you to focus on your vision for your career. Set an intention for your career and visualize what you want it to look like by the end of 2016.

When you focus on your intentions for your career, you can view it from a bit wider angle.

Have you ever dreamed of working from home, becoming a writer, or even building your own business? Perhaps you really enjoy the job you are in now, but you want to pivot to a more impactful role. Or, maybe you just want to cut back on hours so you can make it to a few more of your kid’s activities.

An intention/dream of mine is to establish a charitable clinic in Central America. Today, I am working towards my 10-year plan to do just that.

I never foresee a day when I will completely retire from pharmacy. My passion for pharmacy was reignited when my purpose was revealed to me this year. I feel extremely blessed by this profession, and now I feel that I have been called to help other pharmacists work toward achieving their dreams.

My goal in building the Pharmapreneur (Pharmacist-Entrepreneur) Community is to inspire other pharmacists to create the businesses and careers of their dreams.

When I began sharing articles about how I was able to build a medication therapy management (MTM) consulting business on my personal blog, I never imagined the response I would get.

I have been contacted by so many great pharmacists who want to make an impact on their patients and communities. I have been asked over and over to advise others on how they can build their businesses and become Pharmapreneurs, too.

Because I only have a limited amount of time, I have developed a new online course that will help pharmacists get started in building or growing their consulting businesses. This is the first of many courses at the Pharmapreneur Academy that are based on my pharmacist career-coaching program.

Our flagship e-course “How to Build an Independent MTM Consulting Business” will help guide you through the process of starting a new clinical services business.

Those steps include:

  • Registering your business or sole proprietorship.
  • Identifying your target market.
  • Giving value and education to that market.
  • Marketing yourself as a service.
  • Networking for success.
  • Excelling at your work.
  • Over-delivering to clients​.

Join this new e-course at before December 30, 2015, and receive a special gift!

What is your vision for your career in 2016? It is never too late to make a change, but remember, “vision without action is a daydream.” I have changed my career, and I can help you change yours.

Building a business takes time, but more that than, it takes commitment. Make a commitment to yourself this year by making 2016 your Year of Redirection!

If you are looking to change your career this year, I welcome you to e-mail me at I would be glad to speak to you more about your goals!

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