Laptops Reign Supreme Among Students

College students consider laptops to be the most vital piece of technology, according to a survey.

College students consider laptops to be the most vital piece of technology, according to a survey.

Laptops are the technology device of choice among college students, beating out smartphones and tablets, according to the results of the national Back-to-School Technology Usage Survey, released by AMD on July 10, 2014.

The survey, conducted by Harris Poll in May 2014, asked US students aged 18 to 26 about their technology use and preferences. Although most students surveyed reported having at least 2 devices with them at all times, the results indicated that laptops were their most prized piece of technology. Approximately 85% of students surveyed reported owning a laptop, exceeding the proportion of students who reported owning smartphones, and more than doubling the amount of tablet owners.

In addition, students felt that their laptops were extremely important. When asked to rank their possessions, 41% of students cited their laptop as their most important possession, followed by their car, tablet, bicycle, and television. In addition, 25% said they would choose their computer over a family member or beer if they were stranded on a deserted island, and 27% reported that a computer would be their first purchase if they won $1000.

More than half of students who participated in the survey are planning to buy new technology before school starts again in the fall, and one third of students said a new laptop was their first priority.

“Students expect more from their computers than ever before—they want them to be equally as good at streaming their favorite TV show as they are at crunching numbers in a math class,” said Gabe Gravning, director of product marketing, Client Business Unit, AMD, in a press release.

The survey also found that televisions are losing their significance. Just 1% of students listed their television as their most important possession, and 73% reported using other devices, including laptops, to watch television shows and videos.