Kerr Drug Launches "Just Ask" Campaign


Surveys show three out of four people don’t always take their medicines as directed, leading to serious consequences, avoidable costs, and longer recovery times. Those surveys also reveal patients are reluctant to ask questions about their medication. That’s why Kerr Drug, a pioneer of community pharmacy based clinical services, is launching a new campaign in stores and across multiple marketing channels called “Just Ask.” The program is designed to encourage Kerr Drug’s pharmacists and patients to talk with each other about the patient’s prescriptions, condition, health practices and overall health.

“I know from working as a pharmacist there are many reasons people don’t ask about their medicines, including confusion, embarrassment, or the patient just not wanting to bother the pharmacist,” says Anthony “Tony” Civello, president and CEO of Kerr Drug. “The “Just Ask” campaign will encourage conversations and a sharing of information because it’s the best way to avoid poor health outcomes.”

Pharmacists will “Just Ask” to be a partner in a patient’s health care, asking questions related to a specific condition or medication.

In return, patients will be encouraged to ask Kerr Drug’s pharmacists questions about how best to take their medicines, possible side-effects and reactions with other medications and supplements.

The campaign will focus on 11 conditions including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes and the specific questions patients might ask including:

  • The medications name and what it is supposed to do
  • When and how to take the medicine
  • Ways patients can save money on medicines by taking generic brands or by making other changes
  • Potential side effects
  • What other medicines/supplements to take or avoid that would increase or decrease a medicine’s effectiveness
  • Whether or not any foods/alcohol will change the medicine’s effectiveness
  • What happens if a dose is missed
  • How long does the patient take the medicine

“Medicines don’t help us if we don’t understand why we need them as well as how and why to take them,” adds Civello. “There is no bad question, so please, just ask!”

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