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Pharmacy CareersPharmacy Careers Spring 2011

With the growth in pharmacy school graduates in recent years, students seeking a position in the pharmacy job market need to pay attention to their total presentation—and find ways to stand out from the crowd. Potential employers will check up on the social media side of things, for example, so it is important to put yourself in the future employer’s mind set and see how you are seen through their eyes.

With the tough job market, it is more important than ever before to research thoroughly, think carefully before you send e-mails or messages, and always offer a professional presence. Here are important navigation skills that will help you conquer today’s pharmacy job market.

Landing a Job

  • Start your job search early
  • Network, network, network with professors, fellow students, and pharmacists
  • Utilize the career services and counseling at your pharmacy school
  • Join professional pharmacy associations and stay active

Perfecting your Resume

  • Write a clear, concise career objective but don’t box yourself in
  • Proof and reproof, plus ask a friend to check for any errors
  • Personalize each cover letter
  • Chose an easy-to-read typeface

Interview Dos and Don’ts

  • Do arrive early for your interview and confirm the appointment
  • Don’t forget to bring extra copies of your resume
  • Do detailed research on the position and company
  • Don’t forget to send a follow-up communication after the interview
  • Do check out your online presence before the interview

Finding Balance and Getting Organized

  • Get regular exercise while job hunting
  • Set realistic goals for each day and follow through
  • Keep good records of contacts, conversations, and leads
  • Eat a balanced diet and get enough sleep

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