J M Smith Acquires Integra NV Business


J M Smith Corporation has acquired the products and services offered by Integra.


Spartanburg SC (August 31, 2015) J M Smith Corporation has acquired the products and services offered by Integra, and will manage them as a subsidiary of the J M Smith Corporation known as Integra LTC Solutions, LLC. This acquisition will further enable J M Smith Corporation to leverage best practices and look at new opportunities in the long term care pharmacy market.

“The long term care pharmacy market is strategically important to our organization, and several of our companies are committed to our role in providing excellent products and services to our long term care pharmacy customers,” said William Cobb, Chairman and CEO of J M Smith Corporation. “Integra is known for its offerings and customer service in this field, so they are a good fit for us.”

Integra products for pharmacies include DocuTrack, a content and document management system that automates paper, fax and electronic processing; DeliveryTrack, which manages delivery processes; and Logix, a business process automation software.

“Many of our Smith Drug Company customers are very satisfied Integra customers,” said Jeff Foreman, president of Smith Drug Company. “Bringing the products and the staff of Integra into the J M Smith Corporation is a positive move for all of our customers as we further focus our efforts in the long term care space.”

Integra, based in Anacortes, Washington, focuses on the institutional pharmacy market. Led by Kevin Welch, they offers sales, service and support to customers throughout the United States. “Integra’s main focus has always been the health and success of our customers,” said Kevin Welch, President of Integra LTC Solutions, LLC. “We have observed that J M Smith embodies these same goals and look forward to melding resources and expertise to further expand Integra’s product line and service offerings to the institutional market.”

J M Smith will support Integra’s commitment to diverse market integration. Integra will continue to operate as an open platform allowing full integration to other industry software and third-party technologies. Currently offering an extensive bank of interfaces, Integra will continue to work with industry partners on additional integration.

“QS/1 has worked with Integra products for many years. They have attended our Customer Conference and worked with us to offer our mutual customers excellent products and support,” said Tammy Devine, president of QS/1. “We are looking forward to working with the newest member of J M Smith Corporation.”

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