Importance of Collaboration in Ensuring Medication Compliance


In this clip from the National Community Oncology Dispensing Association's recent Spring Forum in Denver, Buddy Carter, Congressman (R-GA), discusses the value of collaboration among pharmacists, physicians, and patients to promote medication adherence.


Having practiced pharmacy for over 30 years, I understand the importance of patients having confidence, and having trust, in their health care providers. I understand, we always referred to it as the triangle if you will, of the health care delivery system, with the patient, with the physician, and with the pharmacist. That’s so very important that everyone’s on the same page. I know that working together in a cohesive fashion works so much better because compliance is such a problem. In compliance, particularly with medications, is such a problem. I was a nursing home consultant for many years and worked in institutional pharmacy. One of the primary reasons that patients are admitted to nursing homes is medication compliance and medication adherence. That’s what we’re talking about here, and that’s where the value that you bring through the system comes in. Listen, it not only brings value to the system and helping the patient, but it also is a cost saver which helps all of us.

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