Illinois Bill Allows Pharmacists to Prescribe HIV Pre-, Post-Exposure Prophylaxis Drugs, Testing


The bill allows pharmacists to dispense and administer drugs, order laboratory tests, and consult patients on HIV pre- and post-exposure drugs.

Illinois House Bill 4430, which allows pharmacists to provide HIV tests and dispense preventative medications without a physician’s order, was signed into law on June 10 by the Illinois General Assemblyand has an immediate effect in Illinois, according to a press release from State Senator Mike Simmons (D-Chicago).1

“This law will effectively cut down on wait times and provide life-saving care to thousands of Illinoisans,” Simmons said in a statement. “Doing so will especially help reduce new HIV infections among cisgender Black women, LGBTQ+ people, Latinos, and those who lack health insurance.”1

The bill, which aims to reduce new HIV infections and amends the Pharmacy Practice Act, will allow pharmacists to dispense and administer drugs, order laboratory tests, and consult patients on HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis and post-exposure prophylaxis medications.1

Pharmacists will have to complete educational training on the administration of these services before being permitted to offer them to patients.1 Pharmacists also need to have a standing order from a physician or from the county health department that allows them to offer care to patients who are seeking HIV care and medication.2

Under the bill, patients who need another prescription for the medication must undergo lab tests to determine whether there is still a risk for infection or if they are HIV-positive.2

“Far too many people in Illinois lack regular access to a doctor,” Simmons said in the statement. “Increasing access to these medications through community-based pharmacies will save lives.”1

Additionally, the bill applies to Illinois’s Medicaid program as well as other payers, and states that patient care services ordered and administered by a pharmacist will be covered and reimbursed at no less than 85% of the rate that the services are covered and reimbursed when ordered or administered by physicians.3

Health care plans will provide coverage for the services provided by a pharmacist if the pharmacist meets the requirements in the Pharmacy Practice Act, the health plan provides coverage for the same services that are provided by other health care professionals, the pharmacist is included in the health plan’s network, and the reimbursement has been negotiated between the pharmacist and the health plan.3

According to the synopsis of the bill, it amends the Illinois Public Air Code by providing provisions concerning coverage of patient care services should apply to all patient care services, instead of patient care services for hormonal contraceptives and consultations only.3

The bill passed in the Senate 37-12 with 10 Senators who did not vote, and it also passed in the House 72-30 with 12 Representatives who did not vote.2

The law will be effective January 1, 2023.

It is estimated that the law will help to reduce new HIV cases by up to 90% by 2030, according to the AIDS Foundation of Chicago.1


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