How Pharmacy Teams Can Engage with PPCP and Patient Centered Care


Pharmacists are already doing a lot of things with the Pharmacists' Patient Care Process, but they haven't always used that language.

Pharmacy Times spoke with Janet Cooley, PharmD, BCACP, Associate Professor and Director of Experiential Education, Pharmacy Practice and Science, University of Arizona, about her session at McKesson ideaShare 2022, titled "The Wheel of Pharmacy: The Pharmacists' Patient Care Process".

Cooley: Thanks. Yeah, so I think that the pharmacy team, um, if they really think about it, they're already doing a lot of things with the PPCP. It's just we haven't always used that language. So for example, just thinking about a prescription in a community pharmacy, when a prescription is dropped off at the window, a pharmacy team member is already collecting information. And then we're making assessments as we're filling working through DIRs. We're developing a care plan when we're thinking about what we're going to counsel the patient on. We're implementing care when we're providing counseling or administering vaccines, and we're following up with patients when we're calling after Antibiotic Dispensing or things like that. So a lot of times we're already providing those PPCP Steps.

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