How Pharmacists Can Find Their Niche on Social Media


Stephanie Moss, PharmD, MS, is going live each Wednesday evening on the Pharmacy Times Instagram and Facebook pages. Tune in each week to learn more about establishing a presence on social media and join the discussion.

On Wednesday, Stephanie Young Moss, PharmD, MS, continued discussing how pharmacists can find their niche on social media. Finding a niche can be challenging, Moss said, especially in the broad field of pharmacy.

For example, Moss said that starting a Facebook page to discuss drugs is too broad and would be too confusing for patients trying to find specific information. A better niche would be prenatal drugs or drugs for type 2 diabetes.

“Those are all things that you can niche down to,” Moss said. “Instead of just talking about every single drug, make sure that you narrow it down and talk about only certain drugs. That will really help.”

When considering your niche, Moss encouraged pharmacists to consider what she calls the “N.I.C.E. Niche” framework. A niche should have a need from the public, should be innovative and competitive, and people should have an expertise in that area, according to Moss.

“This should help you find your niche that’s right for you,” Moss said.

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