Highest-Selling Prescription Drugs of 2016 Highlights AJPB Week in Review

Top articles of the week from The American Journal of Pharmacy Benefits.

5. E-Cigarettes May Diminish Cardiovascular Function

Long-term exposure to e-cigarette vapor could double the risk of aortic stiffness. Read more.

4. Gabapentinoids Ineffective for Low Back Pain

Gabapentin not found to improve low back pain more than a placebo. Read more.

3. Get the Dirt on DIR Fees

Direct and indirect remuneration fees can cause pharmacies to spend more on stocking and dispensing medications. Read more.

2. FDA Approves Label Change for HIV Drug

Odefsey label updated to include updated data from clinical trials examining patients who switched from tenofovir disoproxil fumarate-based regimens. Read more.

1. Top 5 Highest-Selling Drugs of 2016

Specialty drugs represent highest grossing prescription drugs of 2016. Read more.