Health Mart Healthy Living Tour Offering Free Screenings

The Health Mart Healthy Living Tour is making its journey across the country with 90 stops in 18 states this year. With the prevalence of diabetes reach epidemic proportions in the United States, affecting 23.6 million people according to the American Diabetes Association, the 40-foot mobile screening unit is offering free screenings that include blood pressure, cholesterol, blood glucose, and hemoglobin A1C tests.

The tour, which runs from June 29 to November 4, is co-sponsored by Bayer Diabetes Care and Novo Nordisk. In 2010, the staff screened more than 3400 patients; of those, 49.7% were identified to be at risk for the disease.

The Health Mart Healthy Living Tour celebrates and recognizes community pharmacists for helping to educate and counsel people managing diabetes. Those who are affected by diabetes are encouraged to initiate conversations with their Health Mart pharmacists.

Health Mart makes it a priority to commemorate these community pharmacists that play important roles as trusted healthcare providers in their communities. The company will be awarding 10 Health Mart pharmacists across the country for extraordinary efforts in providing exemplary education, guidance, and service to people managing diabetes.