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Pharmacy TimesNovember 2012 Cough & Cold
Volume 78
Issue 11

Acetylcysteine Solution, USP

Marketed by: App Pharma, a division of Kabi USA (Schaumburg, IL)

Indication: APP Pharma, a division of Fresenius Kabi USA, announces the launch of Acetylcysteine Solution, USP, 20%, a generic alternative to Acetadote. As an inhaled therapy, it reduces the viscosity of mucus, and is indicated as an adjuvant therapy for the treatment of certain acute and chronic lung diseases and conditions. It is also indicated as an orally administered medication to prevent or lessen hepatic injury after acetaminophen overdose.

Dosage Form: 30-mL glass vial with 200 mg acetylcysteine per mL

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Clozapine USP Orally Disintegrating Tablets

Marketed by: Teva Select Brands (North Wales, PA)

Compare to: FazaClo (Jazz Pharmaceuticals)

Indication: Teva Select Brands announces the introduction and availability of Clozapine USP Orally Disintegrating Tablets, which are indicated for the treatment of schizophrenia in patients who have not responded to other antipsychotic treatment, and for reducing the risk of recurrent suicidal behavior in patients with schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorder. Clozapine USP Orally Disintegrating Tablets carry a boxed warning for increased risks of agranulocystosis, seizure, myocarditis, other adverse cardiovascular and respiratory effects, and increased mortality in elderly patients with dementia-related psychosis.

Dosage Form: Tablets: 12.5, 25, and 100 mg

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Escitalopram Oxalate Tablets

Marketed by: Torrent Pharmaceuticals Ltd (Kalamazoo, MI)

Compare to: Lexapro (Forrest Laboratories)

Indication: Escitalopram Oxalate Tablets are a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor indicated for the treatment of major depressive disorder in adults and children aged 12 to 17 years and for the treatment of generalized anxiety disorder in adults. Escitalopram Oxalate should be administered once daily with or without food. Patients taking Escitalopram Oxalate should be monitored for worsening clinical symptoms, suicide risk, and unusual changes in behavior, particularly during the first months of treatment and during dosing changes.

Dosage Form: Tablets: 5, 10, 20 mg

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Cevimeline Hydrochloride Capsules

Marketed by: Ranbaxy Pharmaceuticals, Inc (Princeton, NJ)

Compare to: Evoxac (Daiichi Sankyo, Inc)

Indication: Ranbaxy Laboratories has launched an authorized generic version of Evoxac under an agreement with Daiichi Sankyo, Inc. Cevimeline hydrochloride is indicated for the treatment of dry mouth symptoms associated with Sjögren’s syndrome. It is contraindicated in patients with uncontrolled asthma because it can potentially increase airway resistance, bronchial smooth muscle tone, and bronchial secretions, and can potentially alter cardiac conduction or heart rate. It can also cause visual blurring, particularly at night. The recommended dosage is 30 mg taken 3 times per day.

Dosage Form: Capsules: 30 mg

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