Gene Assessment Test to Identify Best Treatment Now Available

DNA4Life has launched a new test for patients who want to know how their bodies will respond to some of the most commonly prescribed therapeutic medications.

The pharmacogenetic test analyzes an individual’s unique makeup and assesses 12 of the most common genes that impact drug metabolism and response.

DNA4Life then compares this data with around 120 medications to fine-tune treatment.

"Our differentiated and more comprehensive analysis will assist health care professionals in customizing a personalized treatment plan for their patients of all ages, ethnicities, and genders—particularly those being treated for chronic conditions, like high cholesterol, depression, ADHD, or pain," Richard Zimmer III, co-founder and CEO of DNA4Life, said in a press release.

The company maintains that the test will optimize medication efficacy, adherence, and patient care.

In addition, DNA4Life believes the test will also lead to fewer medication errors and lower treatment costs.

The DNA4Life test is now available to consumers for $249.