Fred's Pharmacy Promotes Healthy Living by Offering Health Screenings


Fred's Pharmacy provided more than 100,000 preventative screening touch-points during its first quarter of 2016.


(July 7, 2016)

fred’s Pharmacy

provided more than 100,000 preventative screening touch-points during its first quarter (February-April) of 2016. Offerings included providing more than 60,000 colorectal cancer screenings kits, and administering nearly 37,000 blood pressure checks and almost 800 flu shots.

“For many of our customers, the most frequent interaction they have with a health care provider is with


more than 1,000 Pharmacists,” said Jaime O’Bar, Director of Pharmacy Operations for



. “The first step in preventing disease and improving health is personal awareness, and we are honored that our customers trust


Pharmacists in a way that has

had a direct impact on their health.”

Health care self-management, preventative medicine and education can have a huge impact on the nation’s health care crisis. Heart disease claims more than 370,000 lives in America each year and is the leading cause of death in our country for both men and women. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that flu viruses infect up to 20 percent of Americans, leaving 200,000 hospitalized and causing 36,000 deaths each year. Also according to the CDC, more than 134,000 people died from colorectal cancer in 2012.

In addition to year-round immunizations for diseases and viruses such as shingles, measles and pneumonia,

fred’s Pharmacy

offers preventative care options for its customers. Patients are able to sign up for 90-day prescription services to help with disease management and medication compliance.

fred’s Pharmacy

also offers a unique

time-saving service that can synchronize all prescriptions to be ready on the same day each month, eliminating extra trips to the pharmacy.

By providing several health screening and preventative care options,

fred’s Pharmacy

stays true to its vision

of improving the lives of patients and customers by providing quality health care services and consumer products that deliver value to the communities it serves. Cus

tomers are encouraged to visit their local



to talk to a knowledgeable pharmacist about the health screening and preventative care options available to them.

About fred’s Inc.

fred’s Inc.

and subsidiaries operate in 15 states in the southeastern United States with 304 full service pharmacy departments located within fred’s stores, including four franchised locations. Additionally, fred’s Inc. has 57 Xpress pharmacy locations, three specialty pharmacy locations and more than 650 discount general merchandise stores chain-wide. With a unique store format and strategy, combining the best elements of a discount dollar store, drug store and mass merchant, fred's stocks more than 12,000 frequently purchased items addressing the daily needs of its customers. For more information about fred’s, visit

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