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Fougera is committed to developing cost-effective, first-to-market products with its wide range of topical products.

Steve Andrzejewski,

Chief Executive Officer,

Nycomed US Inc.

David Klaum,

Senior Vice President and

General Manager, Fougera

This has been an exciting year already for Fougera, as the company kicked off 2010 with the introduction of the first generic approval from the FDA for Imiquimod Cream 5% (Rx), the generic equivalent of Aldara (Graceway Pharmaceuticals). IMS Health reported $360 million in sales in the United States for the brand named product in 2009. The launch of Imiquimod Cream 5% (Rx) on February 25, 2010, was a milestone for Fougera, and continued the company’s commitment to dermatology and patient care.

“Fougera’s commitment to develop this high-profile, first-to-market product as a cost-effective generic provides health care professionals the ability to prescribe a more affordable treatment, thereby making it accessible to more patients,” said Senior Vice President and General Manager of Fougera David Klaum.

The company has made a huge impact with its wide range of topical products available to the consumer. Fougera and PharmaDerm, its sister, branded company under Nycomed US Inc., together offer the broadest spectrum of topical generics on the market. The combination of these companies provides Fougera with an edge and the ability to research and innovate in other areas as well. “Our synergies give us a clear advantage,” explained Klaum.

Providing safe and affordable medicine to consumers is a commitment Fougera takes seriously. The company is a key leader in the generics industry, an industry that saves the US health care system billions of dollars by providing patients with alternatives for more expensive prescription medications. The Generic Pharmaceutical Association estimates that generic drugs account for 75% of all prescriptions dispensed in the country. With consumers looking to save on health care costs in today’s current economic climate, generic drugs are more important than ever before.

Fougera is headquartered in Melville, New York, with distribution facilities in Pennsylvania and Arizona, and is the leading manufacturer and distributor of a wide range of topical products. “As we have demonstrated, we will continue to be the first to market with generic topicals,” said Klaum.

The future looks bright for the company, as Klaum explains, “Our strategy is to own the life cycle of dermatology from brand to generic.” The most recent news came in July when Nycomed US Inc. announced the appointment of Steve Andrzejewski, a 20-year veteran of the pharmaceutical and health care industry, as the new chief executive officer of the company. His responsibilities will include the manufacturing facilities in Melville and Hicksville, New York, as well as the distributions and commercial operations for the 3 marketing and sales divisions of Fougera, PharmaDerm, and Savage Laboratories.

In other news, the company launched Adapalene Cream 0.1% (Rx) in June 2010. Pharmacists should visit the Fougera Web site and go to the “Physicians & Pharmacists” section for more information.

In addition to producing a wide range of products and researching new products to treat the largest human organ—the skin—Fougera also gives back to the global community in many ways through its partnership with AmeriCares. Since 1991, the company has worked with the international relief organization to send aid as Klaum explains, “We are actively involved with AmeriCares, which touches every corner of the world, and have been especially involved recently in the Haiti efforts with donations of products.”

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