Florida Targets Prescription Drug Abuse with Controlled Substance CE Requirements

Florida has historically been known as the epicenter for prescription drug abuse.

Florida has historically been known as the epicenter for prescription drug abuse.

However, with stricter controlled substance laws and regulations, and implementation of the prescription drug monitoring program (PDMP), deaths caused by oxycodone have decreased in Florida by 12% when compared with 2013.1

The Florida Board of Pharmacy has implemented new continuing education requirements regarding evaluating controlled substance prescriptions.2 Pharmacists must complete a 2-hour course on validation of prescriptions for controlled substances for license renewal each biennium. This course must be completed before the next license renewal by September 30, 2017.2

The course content must include the following2:

  • Ensuring patients with valid prescriptions have access to controlled substances
  • Using the PDMP
  • Assessing prescription therapeutic value
  • Detecting prescriptions not issued for a legitimate medical purpose
  • Prescribing and dispensing controlled substance laws and rules

Pharmacists should ensure that their continuing education program meets the content requirements.

This should be a very beneficial continuing education requirement for Florida pharmacists.

Based on the most recent report, only 51% of Florida pharmacists have registered to use the PDMP.1 Hopefully this continuing education program will motivate Florida pharmacists to utilize the PDMP for validating prescriptions.


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