How Pharmacists Can Build a Professional Brand on Social Media


Stephanie Young Moss, PharmD, MS, discussed how to begin finding your niche as a pharmacist on social media.

In part 1 of this series, Stephanie Young Moss, PharmD, MS, discussed how to begin thinking about social media and what it means to find your niche. Pharmacists are incredibly busy, Moss said, so having a specific brand and unique goals on social media can minimize the time needed to manage a professional social media presence.

Social media allows professionals to become thought leaders in their fields, to connect with other professionals, and to build trust with consumers or patients. As pharmacy students, Moss said pharmacists are required to learn everything and become a jack-of-all-trades. On social media, however, she said finding a niche is essential to standing out among the crowd.

Moss said she defines a niche as a specialized area for a broader market. When determining your niche, she said she wants to know if it passes the “3 S Rule.”

“Is it specific? Is it simple? And is it small? If it can pass those 3 rules, then you may have a niche,” Moss said.

Moss is going live each Wednesday evening on the Pharmacy Times Instagram and Facebook pages. Tune in each week to learn more about establishing a presence on social media and join the discussion.

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