Family Health Network, Kerr Team Up to Improve Medication Adherence

Family Health Network is partnering with Kerr Health, a subsidiary of Kerr Drug, to deploy its Connected for Life platform to an initial group of patients who require frequent interaction with a pharmacist to assist them with medication therapy management. By enabling direct interaction between pharmacists and patients via online communication, the program will can help patients improve their clinical outcomes, improve overall health, and reduce their healthcare costs.

"Connected for Life is an innovative tool that directly addresses our desire to have greater pharmacist engagement with patients to reduce medication non-adherence. This technology will allow our pharmacists to provide face-to-face consults to patients in remote locations, as well as monitor patient health status and medication use collaboratively with the patients' other healthcare providers," said Rebecca Chater, executive vice president of Kerr Health. “This is consistent with the mission of Kerr Health and a necessary area of focus in the ongoing effort to improve clinical and economic outcomes associated with medication use."

Kerr Health will utilize Family Health Network's technology to enable pharmacists to engage patients in their homes via video visits and other communications features within the Connected for Life technology platform. Specific focus will be placed on impacting medication non-adherence, an issue that costs our society in excess of $100 billion per year.

"Due to their extensive knowledge of medications, pharmacists are crucial in the patient-centered model of health care delivery," said CEO of Family Health Network Harry Bailes. "As community pharmacists take on more responsibility for patients' well-being, there is an enhanced opportunity for communication and collaboration between physicians, pharmacists and patients. At Family Health Network, we are developing solutions to facilitate this vital communication."

Kerr Pharmacists will work closely with participating physicians and other members of the care team. With positive results, this program will be extended to other locations and patient segments within Kerr.