Fairleigh Dickinson University School of Pharmacy


Think, communicate, lead, implement, and advocate. These are the 5 core tenets that Fairleigh Dickinson University School of Pharmacy emphasizes for its pharmacy students.

Location: Florham Park, New Jersey

Founded: 2012

Class Size: Approximately 80 students

Think, communicate, lead, implement, and advocate. These are the 5 core tenets that Fairleigh Dickinson University (FDU) School of Pharmacy emphasizes for its pharmacy students.

By improving upon these skills, FDU pharmacy students will become self-aware, innovative leaders who can provide patient-centered care, promote health and wellness, and solve problems, according to the school.

“Our mission is to create a values-based, student-centered learning experience that prepares graduates who are committed to improving the health of individuals and populations through leadership roles in pharmacy practice, health care research, and related health care fields,” Chadwin Sandifer, EdD, MS, assistant dean for Student Affairs & Programmatic Effectiveness at FDU’s pharmacy school, told Pharmacy Times.

The school also encourages students to get involved in community service activities, starting as early as its orientation program. Students spend time with residents at assisted living facilities, help staff at local food banks, and volunteer at day care centers.

“Serving our local constituents has become a signature aspect of our orientation program, and students have made connections and continued to serve again at their sites,” Dr. Chadwin told Pharmacy Times.

Blood donation drives, free blood pressure screenings, food and toy drives, and charity walks are some more ways pharmacy students get involved in community service at FDU. Some students even travel through the Give Kids the World Village nonprofit, which helps fulfill the wishes of children with life-threatening illnesses.

Q: What advice do you have for students who will graduate this year?


· Be prepared for and knowledgeable about the multiple roles available to a pharmacist.

· Explore opportunities outside the traditional roles of pharmacy.

· Diversify your experiences to better understand the populations you will serve.

· Engage in opportunities that serve populations that interest you.

Q: What is the teaching style or philosophy?

A: Within our program, we recognize that learning care happen anywhere—every space is a learning space. We provide a multisensory approach to teaching and learning to promote engagement, increase participation, and maximize student achievement through the creation of meaningful environments. Our learning environments promote active learning to engage with subject matter and are adaptable to a variety of teaching and learning styles that combine pedagogy, space, and technology.

Q: What else would you like students to know about your school/program?

A: We are excited to be located in the heart of the US pharmaceutical industry and to offer a dynamic curriculum incorporating technology, a global perspective, and a focus on the future of health care. We look forward to being a participant in expanding the role of the pharmacist. Pharmacists are increasingly charged with roles of medication safety experts, public health officials, scientists, clinicians, communicators, managers, and patient advocates across many areas of the health care community, and we look forward to preparing pharmacists for exciting and successful careers in the 21st century.

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