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Pharmacy Careers
Volume 0

Ten Years of Growth Predicted for Pharmacy Jobs

According to the

Occupational Outlook Handbook

, 2010-11 Edition—published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics—the future job prospects for pharmacists will be excellent. Between 2008 and 2018, the employment of pharmacists is expected to grow by 17%, a rate that is much faster than the overall occupational average in the nation.

For students seeking employment now, the current pharmacy job market is relatively stable, despite the difficult economic climate. The most recent data from the Aggregate Demand Index (ADI), supported by the Pharmacy Manpower Project Inc, show that the demand for pharmacists and the supply of available positions is balanced or in the favor of job-seekers throughout most of the United States. The map shows more detailed information, state by state, from the ADI statistics for the month of December 2009.


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