Facebook Rant Puts Pharmacist in Hot Water

A pharmacist who posted derogatory comments about a customer on social media is now being investigated by the National Health Service.

A pharmacist who posted derogatory comments about a customer on social media is now being investigated by the National Health Service (NHS).

In a Facebook post, Charles Shanks of Calder Pharmacy described a woman who came in to pick up a pain reliever for her father as a “total retard,” according to The Mirror.

The unidentified 53-year-old woman told The Mirror she waited 40 minutes at the pharmacy to pick up medications for her father, who is battling cancer. After she left the store, she realized she had not received her father’s pain medication, so she went back to Calder Pharmacy to inquire about the missing pills.

The woman explained her father had few pain relievers left back at home, which is why she was especially concerned. Shanks said he did not have the pain relievers and gave her no further explanation.

The woman said she was offended at the pharmacy’s nonchalance and lack of apology.

"They didn't show an ounce of compassion to the fact my dad had no pain relief," she told The Mirror.

Shanks complained about the customer later that day in a Facebook post containing profanity.

“Sorry, deary, but no matter how good we are, we cannot conjure up drugs that we don’t have in stock from [expletive] fresh air,” he ranted. “How that makes us unprofessional, I don’t [expletive] know, but maybe if we were at Hogwarts, instead of Calder Pharmacy, we might have managed it. Good to see you went total retard tonight.”

He also suggested the other staff members empathized with him, saying, “All my lovely staff know just where I’m coming from and exactly what I will do when said [expletive] comes in tomorrow.”

In the post, which he later deleted, he referenced the woman had criticized Calder Pharmacy on her own Facebook page and described the pharmacy as unprofessional.

NHS pharmacy director Lothian Angela Timoney told The Mirror the agency was “deeply concerned” about the incident.

"Pharmacists are independent contractors, but we will look into this case immediately to ensure that the highest standards of care and professionalism continue to be upheld,” Timoney told The Mirror.

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