Attention NY: Pharmacists Allowed to Give Flu Shots-September 2008

New York residents now have the option of getting flu and pneumonia shots from their pharmacists.

New York is joining with other states to allow pharmacists to administer flu and pneumonia shots. Maine is the only state where pharmacists currently cannot immunize.

Earlier this month Democratic Gov David A. Paterson signed the legislation. Starting December 4, NY pharmacists who complete state training and certification will be allowed to give shots with a prescription. The certification will cost $100 every 3 years and require training. Supporters of the bill expect the legislation to increase the number of vaccinations statewide. The city health department projects that passage of the bill could increase the number of seniors who get the shots by 50,000 or more.

“Allowing pharmacists to immunize would increase access to vaccinations, as pharmacies are open long hours, on weekends, and most holidays,” said Sen Charles J. Fuschillo Jr, a Long Island Republican who sponsored the bill.