The Best of 2010 in Pharmacy Times


Tough choices to make, but here are some editorial highlights from 2010 that you will not want to miss as the year winds down!

We hope you have enjoyed the 12 important theme issues that we have offered to our readers in 2010, providing a broad range of topics for your use in your daily practice. Our goal has been to keep you up to date on the latest products, clinical issues, and significant trends in patient care and in the profession of pharmacy.

This year brought many faces of pharmacy to our pages and Web site as we honored individual pharmacists through the inaugural Next-Generation Pharmacist Awards program. In partnership with Parata Systems, this unique program spotlighted pharmacists across the country who brought their profession to a new level.

It was our great pleasure to meet these pharmacists at the gala awards event in Philadelphia, an evening which we will not forget! The nominations for the 2011 Next-Generation Pharmacist Awards will be open soon, so we invite you to contemplate who you think should be honored next year.

Pharmacists have given us valuable feedback all year long, so in no particular order, here are some of the editorial highlights from 2010:

  • Love the Free CE! — We heard this over and over again as many, many, many of you took the CE tests and enjoyed the Continuing Education lessons we provided this year.
  • Beating Behind-the-Counter Job Stress — The pharmacist’s role is not an easy one, and we recognize the need to help pharmacists take care of themselves as they provide patient care for the public.
  • Medication Safety: Be Prepared to Respond to an Error — All of our medication safety columns were well received, but this one stood out.
  • Probiotic Supplements: Wonder Bugs — We know that you need to keep up with the latest over-the-counter products and trends.
  • Medical Marijuana: Turning Over a New Leaf in Glaucoma Treatment — This controversial topic continues to be debated among pharmacists, especially those in states where medical marijuana is dispensed.
  • OTC Case Studies — A new department in Pharmacy Times, we hope you have enjoyed these practical insights written by practicing pharmacists regarding over-the-counter recommendations and guidance for patients.
  • Patient Education articles — As a service to patients and the pharmacists who counsel them, this popular monthly section runs the gamut of health topics that you encounter each and every day.
  • Overcoming Infertility: Rx Treatment Options Provide Hope — A popular article in our Women’s Health issue, this feature provided a clinical overview of the latest treatment options for infertility. It was also the cover topic of our very first Pharmacy Times iPad edition, launched this year.
  • Can You Read These Rxs? — You always let us know that you love this department and 2010 is no exception!
  • Pet Peeves — Always educational, entertaining at times, voicing key frustrations—when you share your “peeves” with us you also help your fellow pharmacist. We thank you for participating in our “Pet Peeve Fridays” on the popular Pharmacy Times Facebook wall, and we look forward to continuing the conversations in 2011!

So, to end 2010, we offer you and your families the very best wishes for a happy, healthy, and successful New Year! It is our pleasure to bring you Pharmacy Times—and we look forward to serving your needs next year.

For other articles in this issue, see:

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  • Survey Reveals Top 10 Issues Facing Pharmacists
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