Resolutions Anyone?


What lofty projects are you planning to undertake in 2011?

The beginning of a year is a good time to make resolutions or identify new personal goals. An interesting article in the January/February 2011 issue of Harvard Business Review asked business and management leaders what projects they plan to take on in 2011. The HBR editors said they hope that the projects discussed will inspire HBR readers to pursue similar lofty goals.

I thought this would be a neat idea for Pharmacy Times readers too. My own personal project is to promote the development of a new pharmacy business model in community pharmacy. This is a difficult project to accomplish right now; however, I want to see the pharmacist become more of a midlevel practitioner receiving reimbursement for delivery of care, rather than delivery of a product. The challenge is the fact that the current reimbursement model primarily pays for a product delivery, not care delivery. Changing the pharmacist’s current mindset about what is the most important thing they do is where I plan to start.

What project do you plan to take on in 2011? I invite you to share your goals here with all of us and help to inspire Pharmacy Times readers to pursue lofty projects in 2011 too.

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