Are Today's Pharmacists More or Less Professional Than the Previous Generation?


In an article in the New York State Pharmacist, Richard O'Brocta, PharmD, outlines the traits of professionalism. Some argue the newest generation of pharmacists lack these essential, innate characteristics; others say they can be learned. What's your take?

In an article in the New York State Pharmacist, Richard O’Brocta, PharmD, states that traits of professionalism have been identified as the following:

1. Commitment to excellence

2. Responsibility

3. Respect for others

4. Honesty and integrity

5. Care and compassion

Do you think today’s pharmacist is more or less professional than previous generations? Is being a professional something that can be taught to a student pharmacist? Or are the attitudes behind these professional skills taught in childhood, and by the time the person is in college these attitudes are difficult to change?

Some pharmacists, in fact, do voice the opinion that pharmacists of another generation are not as professional as they are, leading to this debate. When I hear older pharmacists imply that today’s younger pharmacist isn’t as professional as they are, I believe they may be too judgmental. What should I understand about the professionalism of today’s pharmacists? Please comment!

Fred Eckel


Pharmacy Times

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