December 08


December 2008

Dear CVS/pharmacy colleagues,

As we look ahead to a new year, I want to thank you for your outstanding efforts in 2008 to improvethe lives of those we serve. We have a number of big wins to celebrate as a company, particularly interms of pharmacy services.

  • Our Patient Care Initiative (PCI) has positioned pharmacy teams to drive better health outcomes for our patients by improving their medication compliance, persistence, and safety.
  • The ReadyFill and Automated Order ready programs are helping patients to better manage their medication therapies.
  • The new not only offers convenience with online prescription refills, it makes it easy for customers to view and print their prescription history.
  • The new Health Savings Pass discount program is already helping many patients to get the best value for their dollar.

As we move into 2009, a number of exciting developments are helping to strengthen our positionas the industry leader in the health care field. First, the integration of the Longs drugstores isprogressing on schedule. Also, the launch of Maintenance Choice on January 1, 2009, is a significantaccomplishment for our entire organization.

Thanks to your hard work and our innovative programs and services, we have the opportunity toimpact the lives of our patients like never before. Our company would not be a success without yourcontinued enthusiasm and dedication.

I applaud your efforts to take patient care to the next level and thank you for your continuedcommitment to our vision " improve the quality of human life."

Best wishes for a safe and happy holiday season!


David W. Purdy, RPh

Vice President, Pharmacy Operations

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