Daily Medication Pearl: Vraylar (Cariprazine)


Vraylar is an atypical antipsychotic indicated for the treatment of adult patients with schizophrenia and for manic, mixed, or depressive episodes for patients with bipolar I disorder.

Medication Pearl of the Day: Vraylar (Cariprazine)

Indication: Vraylar is an atypical antipsychotic indicated for the treatment of schizophrenia in adults, for acute treatment of manic or mixed episodes associated with bipolar I disorder in adults, and for the treatment of depressive episodes associated with bipolar I disorder (bipolar depression) in adults.


  • Dosing: Patients can take Vraylar at 1.5 mg to 6 mg daily.
  • Dosage forms: Capsules of Vraylar come in dosages of 1.5 mg, 3 mg, 4.5 mg, and 6 mg.
  • Adverse events (AEs): Most common AEs include extrapyramidal symptoms and akathisia, extrapyramidal symptoms, akathisia, dyspepsia, vomiting, somnolence, and restlessness.
  • Mechanism of action: The efficacy of cariprazine could be mediated through a combination of partial agonist activity at central dopamine D2 and serotonin 5-HT1A receptors and antagonist activity at serotonin 5-HT2A receptors.
  • Manufacturer: Forest Laboratories


vraylar_pi.pdf (allergan.com)

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