Daiichi Sankyo to Facilitate New Drug Discovery in 2015 through Collaborative Research and Grants


The company will select research partners for the project from among researchers based in Japan.


Tokyo, Japan (March 17, 2015) — Daiichi Sankyo Company, Limited (TSE: 4568; hereafter, Daiichi Sankyo) today announced its TaNeDS (Take a New challenge for Drug diScovery) collaborative drug discovery project for 2015. The company will select research partners for the project from among researchers based in Japan.


Daiichi Sankyo is proactively promoting open innovation and the development of a competitive pipeline for the rapid and continuous creation of innovative new drugs. One aspect of this strategy is the collaborative research and grant program TaNeDS, which was launched in 2011 and has since received numerous research theme proposals from across Japan, with various projects currently ongoing. Daiichi Sankyo will continue the program in 2015, seeking further drug discovery research possibilities by casting a wide net to find research themes and technologies that will result in the discovery of new drugs. Furthermore, continuing on from 2013 and 2014, Daiichi Sankyo’s wholly owned subsidiary, Daiichi Sankyo RD Novare Co., Ltd. (hereafter, RD Novare), is again joining TaNeDS to promote the development of technology platforms for the next generation.

2.Overview of TaNeDS

(1) Multi-entrance

The TaNeDS project will accept entries for a range of themes, including exploratory research, collaborative research, early-stage drug discovery and concepts for inventions. Themes covering all stages, from the initial phase of research to practical use, will be accepted. In order to attract a variety of entries, both individual researchers and groups will be welcomed.

(2) Multi-exit

In order to efficiently realize practical uses from research results, a number of outcomes are foreseen, including further investigations into discovered results, collaborative research on drug creation, and utilization of OiDE projects* aimed at fostering intellectual property or technologies from a business viewpoint.

* Open innovation projects funded by the OiDE (




nnovation for the


evelopment of


merging technologies)

fund, which is managed by Mitsubishi UFJ Capital.

3.Project overview

(1) How to apply

Just like in 2014, two project types, “Desired research themes by Daiichi Sankyo” and “Desired research themes by RD Novare,” have been set up for 2015.

Project type


Scope of funding (total)

  • Daiichi Sankyo’s Desired Research Themes

a. Drug discovery target verification

From signing of contract to March 31, 2017

Up to 10 million yen

b. Drug discovery target investigation

Within 2 years from signing

of contract

Up to 10 million yen

c. Drug discovery technology development/verification

From signing of contract to March 31, 2017

Up to 10 million yen

d. Pharmaceutical technology

Within 1 or 2 years from

signing of contract

Up to 20 million yen

(10 million yen/year)

  • RD Novare’s Desired Research Themes

Drug discovery and development technology platforms

From signing of contract to March 31, 2017

Up to 5 million yen

*Project duration subject to change based on research.

Target project numbers: 18 for A, and 2 for B

A. Desired research themes by Daiichi Sankyo:

a) Drug discovery target verification - Research themes that will lead to the verification of new drug targets regarding elements found in exploratory/discovery research through methods including analysis of body functions and of pathology samples will be accepted.

b) Drug discovery target investigation — Research themes that will lead to the discovery/identification of new drug targets based on unique research tools or ideas will be accepted.

c) Drug discovery technology development/verification — Research technology themes that help to revitalize or improve effectiveness of drug discovery research will be accepted.

d) Pharmaceutical technology — Research themes that will solve issues related to the pharmaceutical manufacturing process will be accepted.

Daiichi Sankyo will determine if feasibility studies with Daiichi Sankyo researchers (preliminary collaborative research or collaborative research) should be conducted based on proposed themes. Accepted themes will be selected for continuation based on results after the research period comes to a close.

B. Desired research themes by RD Novare:

Research themes that will lead to the development of novel technology platforms related to drug discovery and development will be accepted. Scientists at RD Novare work together on lead technologies being researched academically by applicants to establish leading edge technology platforms and biological evaluation methods.

(2) Desired research themes

A. Desired research themes by Daiichi Sankyo

a) Drug discovery target verification

i. Oncology

ii. Other disorders

iii. Vaccines

b) Drug discovery target investigation

iv. Oncology

v. Other disorders

vi. Vaccines

c) Drug discovery technology development/verification

vii. Biologics

viii. DDS

ix. Pathological model/unique cell-based assays/vital imaging

x. in silico models related to drug effect estimates/pathological clarification

xi. ADME (Drug Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism, Excretion)

xii. Drug safety

xiii. Measuring technology related to biomarker

xiv. Vaccines

d) Pharmaceutical technology

xv. New synthetic technology

xvi. Biomedicine safety technology

xvii. Chemical compounds/drug analysis technology

B. Desired research themes by RD Novare

Drug discovery and development technology platform research:

High-throughput-screening, bacteria-therapy, technology platform related to ADME protein-production platform and structure-based-drug-discovery.

*For more information about the TaNeDS program, please visit the Daiichi Sankyo corporate website:


(3) Who is eligible?

Researchers from universities and public research institutions who can conduct research in Japan.

(4) Schedule

Application period: May 18 to June 15, 2015

First selection period: June 16 to July 31, 2015

Second selection period: August 1 to September 30, 2015

Contract negotiation: From October 1, 2015

Start of research: Upon completion of contract



50 million yen

Date of establishment

October 3, 2006


Tokyo, Japan


Hideyuki Haruyama

Number of employees

Around 300

Core business overview

・Custom production of research materials and intermediates for drug discovery and development

・Contract assay development and quantitative and/or qualitative analysis of drug substances.

・Technology based drug discovery support and alliance.

・Consultation for the evaluation and application of the novel technological platform for drug discovery.

・Contract clinical development.

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