CVS Health Receives URAC Accreditation for Specialty Pharmacy

CVS Health has announced that the company's specialty pharmacy has been awarded Specialty Pharmacy accreditation from URAC.



April 5, 2016

/PRNewswire/ --CVS Health (NYSE: CVS) announced today that CVS Specialty, the company's specialty pharmacy, has been awarded Specialty Pharmacy accreditation from URAC, a

Washington, DC

-based health care accrediting organization that establishes quality standards for the health care industry.

"Receiving accreditation from URAC demonstrates our commitment to providing high-quality care to patients served by CVS Specialty," said

Alan Lotvin

, MD Executive Vice President, CVS Health and President, CVS Specialty. "At CVS Specialty, we are focused on providing quality care that supports the whole patient throughout their treatment journey. We not only make it easier and more convenient for patients to get started on a specialty therapy, but our expert clinicians also provide clinical support and insurance guidance. As a result, patients are more likely to take their specialty medicine as prescribed and also report high satisfaction with the service they receive."

Specialty pharmacies generally serve patients with complex conditions, including rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis, who take medications that sometimes require special handling. Specialty pharmacies often also provide care coordination, disease education and 24/7 access to patient support. The URAC accreditation program for Specialty Pharmacy evaluates organizational standards, including pharmacy care; customer service, communications, and disclosure standards; specialty drug and patient management; and pharmacy operations.

"We applaud CVS Health on achieving URAC Specialty Pharmacy Accreditation," said URAC President and CEO Kylanne Green. "In today's healthcare market, URAC accreditation provides a mark of distinction for organizations to demonstrate their commitment to quality healthcare."

The URAC accreditation process demonstrates a commitment to quality services and serves as a framework to improve business processes through benchmarking organizations against nationally recognized standards. The URAC standards development process is consensus driven, with industry experts serving as volunteers to establish and revise appropriate industry benchmarks.