Congress Needs to Know What Obstacles Prevent Pharmacists from Providing Quality Care

In this interview from the National Community Oncology Dispensing Association, Buddy Carter, Congressman (R-GA), discusses how Congress needs to be informed on the challenges pharmacists are facing in order to address them.


I think pointing out the obstacles that exist, particularly with the insurance companies, or the PBMS, pointing out those obstacles to us, so we can address those obstacles. I’m no longer practicing so I’m not in it from a day to day basis, so I rely on my experience and my memory of what it was like, and that’s very important as well. An example, we addressed the gag clause, which had been going on for quite a while, where the pharmacist was not able to offer to the patient, and if they paid for medication out of network and they didn’t use their insurance, it might be even cheaper to them. Well, that’s the kind of thing we need to know about, those obstacles that are preventing you from providing patient care.