Challenges in the Use of Targeted Therapies for AML

In this clip from the Hematology/Oncology Pharmacy Association's annual meeting, Bernard Marini, PharmD, BCOP, an Inpatient Hematology Specialist at the University of Michigan, speaks on the challenges in using targeted therapies for AML.


I think the biggest barriers to the use of some of these targeted therapies in acute myeloid leukemia patients are the high costs of these agents and often times access to these targeted therapies is very challenging. These acute myeloid leukemia patients are often in the hospital and so trying to get access to these medications while they’re still in the hospital is always a unique challenge. In addition, with AML there’s only a small subset of mutations that we do see that can be targetable, and that’s also what makes it challenging to treat some of these diseases.

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