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CVS/PHARMACY HAS SPENTmore than 4 decades focusing onbringing value to the communities itserves by striving to be the easiestpharmacy retailer for customers touse. The company also takes pride inthe corporate values that have guidedits growth to more than 6100 storesnationwide—values centered onintegrity and respect for colleagues,customers, and patients.

Since the beginning, pharmacistshave been integral to the company'ssuccess. As such,CVS/pharmacy is constantlyseeking pharmacists who believethat the sum of their career is "notjust defined by the number of prescriptionsfilled, but by the number of livestouched and relationships made."

"Pharmacy is the heart and soul ofour business. As a pharmacist with CVS/pharmacy, you'll serve as a teacher,leader, and role model to your colleaguesand your community every day,"states CVS Chairman, President, andChief Executive Officer Tom Ryan—himself a pharmacist—in companyrecruitment literature.

According to PapatyaTankut, vicepresident, pharmacyprofessional services,individual achievementleads to corporatesuccess, which iswhy CVS's philosophyis to promotefrom within—andwhy pharmacists hold more than 50different positions throughout thecompany.

Through its Emerging LeaderProgram, CVS grooms pharmacistsfor future positions aspharmacy supervisors, districtmanagers, and regional managers.For those seeking opportunitiesoutside the pharmacy,corporate positions are availablein Health Care Services,Pharmacy Operations, ClinicalServices, Legal, Human Resources,Pharmacare, InformationSystems, Merchandising,Real Estate, and The companyalso encourages its pharmaciststo take advantage of professionalopportunities with state pharmacyboards and pharmacy associations, aswell as to serve as adjunct professors,preceptors, and intern coordinators.

For pharmacy students, CVS'sinternship program is designed toprovide the chance to develop professionalskills in a community practicesetting by allowing them to applytheir learnings from school to practicalexperiences in real-life settings.

To ensure its pharmacists have everyopportunity to thrive, CVS/pharmacyoffers a state-of-the-art environmentdesigned to provide all the resourcesand tools they need to succeed, accordingto Tankut.

For instance, its Pharmacy Serviceinitiative combines workflow systemsand pharmacy design, including suchtools as interactive voice response,physician fax capabilities, and prescriptionprioritization, as well as refillreminder and generic drug programs.Pharmacists also have access to the latesttechnology to streamline andenhance care, including Script-Pro,SureScripts, RxNet, CVS LearnNet,Pharmacy Capsule, Clinical Focus,Pharmacist Letter, CVS Express,Carecheck Plus, and Rapid Refill—which enable pharmacists to spend themajority of their time interacting withcustomers and patients.

Finally, to make sure it retains thetop-level talent it recruits, CVS/pharmacyoffers comprehensive benefitsand compensation packages, includinginvestment and personalizedhealth care options, such as a range ofinsurance programs, as well asdomestic partner benefits, adoptionassistance, dependent care reimbursementaccounts, and professionalliability insurance. Reward programsinclude the PharmacistIncentive Plan, community outreach,continuing education, educationassistance, merchandise discounts,and service recognition.

The bottom line, says Tankut, isthat CVS/pharmacy is committed tomaking extensive ongoing investmentsin its pharmacists, providing them withall the tools, support, and resourcesthey need to best serve their patients, aswell as to seek new opportunities toexcel within the profession.

More information on career opportunitieswith CVS/pharmacy can befound on-line at

Ms. Roop is a freelance writer based inTampa, Fla.

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