Can You Read These Rxs?

Pharmacy Careers, Volume 0, 0

As the manager of a Rite Aid in Garden Grove, California, Tiffany Nguyen, PharmD, sees a large number of prescriptions. Although it is not unusual to run into some that are difficult to read, this prescription in particular really left Nguyen at a loss. The unintelligible prescription turned out to be for a commonly prescribed drug. Do you know what it is?

When registered pharmacist Marie Barone, at the Shop Rite Pharmacy in Jackson, New Jersey, received this prescription, she could not seem to decipher its meaning. With some help, she was able to determine the drug being prescribed. Do you know what it is?


Rx 1: Motrin, 600 mg, #30, every 6 hours as needed for pain.

Rx 2: Viagra 50 mg, #20, take as directed

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