Can You Read These Rxs? - June 2012

Rx 1

Rx 2

Rx 1: This prescription that came into a Walgreens pharmacy in Las Vegas, Nevada, stumped Khanh Pham, pharmacy manager, Thomas von Dohlen, pharmacy intern, and Katy McGroarty, senior pharmacy tech. Because the drug name was indecipherable, they had to verify it with the nurse at the physician’s office. Do you know what it says?

Rx 2: Rick Harter, RPh, is used to seeing countless prescriptions during his night shift at a Walgreens in Los Lunas, New Mexico—but this one really stood out. The unintelligible instructions required a call to the physician’s office for clarification. Can you guess the Rx?

Enter your interpretation of what these Rxs say in the spaces to the right, and you'll be entered into a contest to win an iPad!