Campaign Raises Issues About Skyrocketing Drug Costs


CSRxP aims to educate the public about increasing drug costs to spark change.

The ever-rising cost of prescription drugs is likely to be an issue that will not disappear overnight, but will instead require multiple stakeholders to continue the push for lower costs.

The Campaign for Sustainable Rx Pricing (CSRxP) is a campaign that is hoping to do just that. They believe that prescription drug costs strain the healthcare system and can even threaten innovation, according to their website.

The campaign was created by the National Coalition on Health Care in hopes of raising awareness about the effects high drug costs can have on the economy and patient access.

“We need a better approach. If we want to sustain innovation, those drugs should produce value, not just for the innovator but for the patient and the healthcare system as well,” a statement on the CSRxP website reads.

CSRxP is composed of multiple partners, including big names such as Walmart, American College of Physicians, and Athem. Hospitals, physicians, nurses, consumers, insurers, pharmacists, and employers are all represented.

“CSRxP aims to foster a national dialogue focused on the issue of drug pricing that strikes a balance between innovation and affordability. We believe in market-based reforms that address the underlying causes of high drug prices in the US through increased transparency, competition, and value,” read the group’s mission statement.

The campaign has an entire section of their website called “Stories from the Trail,” dedicated to presidential candidates (current and past), and individual testimony to grow awareness of the problems caused by increasing drug costs.

Digital advertising with phrases such as “We can’t fix what we can’t see” were created and advertised in 4 presidential primary states. Relevant speeches from US Sen Bernie Sanders (D-VT), US Sen Ted Cruz (R-TX), former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and more are also included to educate individuals on the position of the current and former US Presidential candidates.

Also included are testimonials and statements about the concern regarding high cost drug prices, which elicited responses such as “I am on a fixed income” and “People shouldn’t have to choose between eating or buying meds!”

The main goal of the campaign is to educate individuals so they can make informed decisions about important issues, such as treatment options and even choosing the next President.

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