Building Relationships with Patients to Create Loyalty


In this video filmed at the National Association of Chain Drug Stores-Total Store Expo (NACDS-TSE 2018), Laura Davis Taylor and Ed King, co-founders of The High Street Collective, discuss building pharmacy relationships through meaningful interaction to keep a store 'bulletproof' to online stores, like Amazon.


Laura Davis Taylor: If you go to a store where people know you and you have an experience that you like, and you trust people and you know they're actually going to be happy that you walked in, you're going to create a relationship, and if you create a relationship with someone, you can create loyalty. And if you can create loyalty with someone, you're going to stay bulletproof to Amazon, but you have to work harder, and you have to think much more empathetically than the competition.

Ed King: Yeah, I mean there's really 2 main things that pharmacists can do to make their place special. It's really developing unique experience signatures. Just to create some sort of unique thing that imparts a positive emotion while they're there, so that they'll want to come back again and again, and a hospitable interaction. Sometimes manners really is half the battle, being able to have human to human contact. Because lets face it, if someone didn't want human to human contact, they'd probably get something delivered to their home. So, to really bring more of a hospitality mentality to the pharmacy, I think, is really important.

Laura Davis Taylor: We talk a lot in the presentation about how to get people off the couch and into the store, and that's really critical here.

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