Build a Business Before a Website


A dream house" website is a great tool to have, but you need to have a solid foundation on which to build it.

A website is like a house, and the URL is its address.

Building a beautifully designed website full of helpful content and cool features before building your business is a lot like throwing a huge party at your new house without ever sending out invitations. The tricky part is figuring out how to get guests to attend (and eventually pay for) your party.

When you find out that no one is coming to your website, you may get discouraged and decide that sharing information on it is a waste of time. You spent all this time planning your party, but no one is there to enjoy it.

Many entrepreneurs face this problem when they are just starting out. They believe that the first step in becoming a legitimate business is to build a website. That is a very important step in the process, but it is not the first step if you’ve never had a single customer.

Sometimes, the exact opposite is true, especially when it comes to pharmacy consulting. A website is something that will come further down the line once your business has matured. Plan and build your dream business first, and then you can worry about a website.

Your very first step should be to think of the problems plaguing your potential customers and what solutions they are actively seeking. This is where marketing comes in.

Marketing is like the invitation to join your party. Your marketing strategy needs to make people want to visit your beautiful home, so explain why they should come over in the first place, inform them of the solutions they will find when they arrive, and give them explicit directions on how to get to you.

Building your business and marketing your solution should come first. Once you get active leads, you can build a big website.

Step 1 is identifying your target market. This helps you figure out who you need to market to your website, and it is always the first step in building and marketing your business.

A “dream house” website is a great tool to have, but you need to have a solid foundation on which to build it.

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