Boehner Addresses Role of Community Pharmacist


“Don’t be afraid to reach out and talk to your elected officials, whether on a federal, local or state level,” Boehner said.

Pharmacists are a primary access point to health care, Former House speaker John A. Boehner told a packed room during the general session at AmerisourceBergen and Good Neighbor Pharmacy’s annual conference, ThoughtSpot 2017, held in Las Vegas recently.

Boehner, who delivered the keynote speech, said that pharmacists are extremely significant players in the health care delivery process, especially because pharmaceutical use and the complexity of treatments are increasing.

During the general session, Bob Mauch, PharmD, PhD, Group President of Pharmaceutical Distribution and Strategic Global Sourcing at AmerisourceBergen, emphasized AmerisourceBergen’s ongoing commitment to advocacy amid today’s changing health care landscape.

“AmerisourceBergen has spent decades by your side, battling for you in the legislative arena,” he said. “Our commitment to advocacy on your behalf will continue to grow.”

He mentioned various ways AmerisourceBergen has advocated for pharmacists, including working closely with trade associations, such as the National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA) and speaking to legislators in Washington about retroactive DIR fees and provider status for licensed pharmacists. He also cited the company’s online resources,, a website that provides pharmacists with facts and talking points on key issues that affect independent pharmacy.

Steve Collis, AmerisourceBergen’s Chairman, President and CEO, discussed the company’s advocacy efforts and role in growing community pharmacy, while reinforcing AmerisourceBergen’s underlying goal: to build healthier futures.

“We are invested in your success,” he said. “We can do our part in fulfilling our purpose by making community-based care more efficient, more personal, more connected and more enduring. That means continuing to advocate on your behalf in D.C.”

Boehner echoed these sentiments, noting that it is important for community pharmacists to acknowledge their role and the huge investment they’ve made in their community.

“Don’t be afraid to reach out and talk to your elected officials, whether on a federal, local or state level,” Boehner said.

He stressed the importance of getting to know members of Congress. For example, coming together with fellow community pharmacists and inviting a member of Congress to come and discuss the issues or showing up at local fundraisers.

“Wear your Good Neighbor Pharmacy button, so they can’t forget who you are,” he said.

Boehner said relationship-building with members of Congress can be done at home. He pointed out the importance of introducing the member to your employees, letting them tour your pharmacy and building a close relationship at home.

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