Best Vacation Spots with Pharmacy Continuing Education


What about spending your next continuing education week on a tropical island?

Nothing beats taking a world-class vacation, somewhere tropical perhaps, while unwinding from the rigors and challenges of your professional day as a pharmacist. Combining that restful and relaxed get away with your pharmacy continuing education (CE) is an excellent way to get all your continuing education knocked out at once!

As professional pharmacists, we need to log a very specific amount of continuing education (CE) hours every year to maintain our license while we stay up on all of the ever-changing and shifting requirements and developments in our field. But that doesn’t mean that we have to stay locked up in a classroom somewhere, especially when we can get our CE taken care of while lounging about on the beach or living it up on a cruise ship somewhere.

Sound too good to be true?

Check out these 3 red-hot destinations for CE programs for pharmacists.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Though it isn’t tropical (and certainly isn’t international), the entertainment and vacation opportunities that Sin City has to offer simply cannot be ignored.

It doesn’t matter if you aren’t a gambler, there are plenty of world-class shows, attractions, resorts, restaurants, and more golf than you will know what to do with in Las Vegas. There are plenty of different CE programs for pharmacists in the area as well; giving you the opportunity to develop your professional skills during the day while you take in everything that The Strip has to offer at night!

Global Cruises

There are plenty of different companies and organizations out there that establish CE programs for pharmaceutical professionals on cruise ships in amazing destinations all over the world, perfectly blending this time to learn with time to relax and enjoy everything that international travel has to offer.

Some of the most popular cruises include destination cruises through Australia and New Zealand, throughout the Mediterranean, in the Bahamas, and more — and some of them will take you north to Alaska or south to Antarctica if you’re looking for that kind of action as well!

Hawaii, the Bahamas, Jamaica

There are professional organizations for pharmacists in almost every vacation hotspot around the world, including those beloved by folks that have absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the pharmaceutical industry aside from visiting a pharmacist with a prescription from their doctor!

The Hawaiian facilities that offer CE programs are beautiful and right down on the shore, Bahama programs are usually weeklong events that aren’t to be missed, and Jamaica also has a host of 3 to 10 or more day trips/CE programs that you want to investigate further as well!

Your options are nearly unlimited when it comes to getting the CE hours you need to maintain your license as a pharmacist!

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