Best Practices for Pharmacy Teams Using Patient Care Services, PPCP

Learning the Pharmacists' Patient Care Process steps and being mindful or internalizing those can help set best practices for pharmacy team members.

Pharmacy Times spoke with Janet Cooley, PharmD, BCACP, Associate Professor and Director of Experiential Education, Pharmacy Practice and Science, University of Arizona, about her session at McKesson ideaShare 2022, titled "The Wheel of Pharmacy: The Pharmacists' Patient Care Process".

Cooley: So I think that the best practices will be for all the team members in the pharmacy to kind of learn the PPCP steps, and hopefully kind of be mindful or internalize those. And as I talked to practitioners and preceptors about this, a lot of people tell me like, “Oh, I'm already using those steps.” So that is pretty natural. And then once they do kind of internalize that, to start thinking about how they're already doing that, and to apply the same terminology, so that we are kind of on the same page with other providers and talking about our practice. And then once we're more mindful about using the terminology to describe our practice and how we provide care to patients, then we can start intentionally implementing the PPCP as we implement new clinical practices. So let's say we're going to go ahead and implement like a new vaccine screening, use the PPCP to set up our steps and think about when I'm setting up a vaccine screening, how am I going to collect information? How am I going to make an assessment for my patients? How am I going to implement it and using that, those steps as your framework for implementing those clinical practices in our setting?