Best Free Mobile Apps for Pharmacists


It is common for pharmacy students and pharmacists to encounter patients who are seeking information about the medications they are taking.

It is common for pharmacy students and pharmacists to encounter patients who are seeking information about the medications they are taking.

Many of the written directions on drug labels are difficult for patients to interpret, especially when they do not have the type of training or extensive knowledge in medications that we do.

Fortunately, mobile apps developed for health care professionals can help solve patients’ medication-related problems. These medical apps are tremendously useful and accommodating to pharmacy students and pharmacists who need to find instant information for a patient.

Here are the highest-rated free medical apps available:


· Reviews prescription drug and safety information

· Runs drug-drug interactions

· Scans health care insurance formularies for medication coverage

· Calculates body mass index

· Identifies medications by physical characteristics or imprint

· Available for Android and iOS devices


· Analyzes drug tablet or capsule based on color, shape, and/or imprint

· Provides detailed medication profiles

· Available for Android and iOS devices

Pharmacy Lab Values

· Includes more than 150 different lab values that are organized and divided into categories

· Works offline

· Available for Android devices only


· Provides detailed drug information

· Checks drug-drug interactions

· Offers up-to-date, concise prescription and OTC drug monographs

· Distributes daily drug news and warnings

· Contains personalized bookmarks for frequently accessed contents

· Accommodates more than 120 different clinical tools, such as calculators

· Available for Android and iOS devices

Pharmacist’s Letter

· Delivers concise recommendations for patient care

· Contains subscription options for continuing education found in the letter

· Available for Android and iOS devices

Pocket Pharmacists

· Provides complete drug profile

· Runs drug-drug interactions, precautions, and adverse effects between 2 or more drugs

· Incorporates online resources for medications

· Available for Android and iOS devices

Shots Immunizations

· Encompasses vaccine schedules and footnotes from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

· Supplies graphics, images, and commentary for vaccines

· Maintains important up-to-date information for each vaccine

· Available for Android and iOS devices

Other useful medical apps:

· Micromedex

· MedCalc

· Medscape

· BlackBag

By providing accurate and thorough information for patients and health care team members, these mobile apps can certainly serve as comprehensive resources for pharmacy students and pharmacists. When all else fails, there is always Dr. Google.


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