Baxter's Promise to Stand and Deliver


In this clip, Athar Mirza, a senior director of marketing for Baxter, discusses the company's Stand and Deliver campaign.

In this clip, Athar Mirza, a senior director of marketing for Baxter, discusses the company's Stand and Deliver campaign. This video was filmed at the 2018 ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting in Anaheim, CA.


The last 12 months for our customers have been challenging. They've had to deal with interuptions in supply, inconsistency in supply, as well as dealing with product shortages. That type of product availability created clinical inefficiencies, clinical workarounds, operational inefficiencies, as well as impacts patient safety. Baxter's mission is to assist in saving lives, and our commitment, and "Stand and Deliver" really means our commitment to ensure that we tap into, that we invest in our technology, invest in our manufacturing facilities worldwide, to ensure that we minimize or eliminate any interuption in supply moving forward.

Baxter's been delivering medication or providing products for 85 years. We are the largest manufacturer of IV solutions in the US, we continue to have a strong footprint here, continue to increase our capacity based on demand, and continue to do so. WHat we've seen over the last 6 months, the investments we've made in our manufacturing facilities, our customers are really starting to see it, they're getting back to their historical ways of administering medication. We don't have products on allocation, which is new to the marketplace. Again, the "Stand and Deliver" message is to reinforce our comittment to our customers and their patients to minimize interuption in supply and eliminate any clinical workarounds and operational inefficiencies.

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