Bartell Drugs Reveals New Look for Stores

Bartell Drugs, a chain of 58 stores based in Seattle, Washington, has unveiled its “next generation” store concept by remodeling an existing store in Seattle’s Roosevelt neighborhood.

The revamped store includes a “Fresh Beauty” cosmetics section with natural and organic product lines; an “Urban Market” section that highlights locally produced products; a “Wellness Courtyard” with vitamins, supplements, and healthy beverages; and a “Sweets & Snacks” area with new displays and lighting.

“We’re excited and proud to introduce this new look,” said George Bartell, chairman and CEO of Bartell Drugs. “It’s an entirely new floor plan designed to enhance the total shopping experience. We'll be monitoring it closely in our ongoing effort to better serve our customers.”

The new concept was developed in conjunction with Hartmann Group, a consumer consulting firm based in Bellevue, Washington.

“Bartell’s engages its customers at the neighborhood level and offers a variety of locally produced products that national chains can’t match,” creative director of Hartmann Group’s InVerse retail design division Mark Jacobson said. “This concept is a result of our close collaboration with Bartell’s and reflects their core values, including a dedication to customer service while offering a large selection of products.”

Bartell executives will be closely monitoring the “next generation” concept to determine whether it will be extended to other stores.