Avella Specialty Pharmacy Unveils its Third Issue of Dispensing Excellence



Avella Specialty Pharmacy has just released its third issue of Dispensing Excellence, a publication aimed at healthcare providers, nurses, medical assistants and their patients. The 28-page magazine is distributed by Avella in order to share insight on the latest trends and developments in the world of specialty drugs as well as the conditions they help manage.

This new issue covers a variety of thought-provoking topics. It includes a comprehensive article about how new technology is transforming the specialty pharmacy industry. A Q&A with the CEO also offers an in-depth discussion of the five biggest challenges facing oncology stakeholders. In addition, the magazine includes educational perspectives directly from Avella pharmacists and the providers they serve—such as an “Ask the Pharmacist” piece about rheumatoid arthritis and a firsthand account from a gastroenterologist who is currently prescribing the latest breakthrough Hepatitis C medications. For at-a-glance information, readers can access an informative infographic which details the real cost of treating patients with Hepatitis C. Finally, an easy-to-read breakdown of new legislation that designates outsourcing facilities for specialty medications is a must-read for any physician practice.

“At Avella, our dedication to our customers goes beyond just offering access to the latest and most effective specialty medications,” said Rebecca M. Shanahan, CEO. “Our commitment to clinical excellence means that strive to encourage the sharing of knowledge and expertise between clinicians and the people they serve. This latest issue of Dispensing Excellence really demonstrates how we are accomplishing this goal.”

The third edition of Dispensing Excellence is available in hard copy by request or in an online format here. Or to learn more about how Avella is dedicated to providing other value-added services related to patient education, quality assurance, medication adherence and financial assistance, visit www.avella.com.

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