Avella Launches New e-Commerce Platform for Ophthalmology Providers


Avella has announced that it has launched a new e-commerce platform designed to streamline ordering compounded preparations.

Phoenix, AZ -- Avella just announced that it has launched a new e-commerce platform designed to streamline ordering compounded preparations. This easy-to-use, secure and intuitive web-based portal gives ophthalmology providers the ability to save payment information and easily order or re-order with customized shipping method. It also provides access to ordering history and invoices at a glance.

As a result of the platform’s new features and benefits, ophthalmology providers can streamline the ordering process and administration related to their compounded product needs. These providers can access a full listing of all available products and options, and easily order the precise formulation needed for one or multiple practice locations. Avella’s PCI compliant ordering platform is accessible across all devices including tablets and mobile phones and it securely stores information including billing and ordering history.

Avella’s ophthalmology-specific platform is the first of its kind in the compounding industry, a sector that has historically been slow to adopt technology-driven innovations. This e-commerce platform is just one of the technology-enabled resources Avella has released in the past year. The specialty pharmacy has developed a variety of web-based tools, mobile apps and portals designed to improve quality of care, streamline administration and optimize the customer experience.

“Avella is dedicated to investing in best-in-class technology to empower our customers as they look for ways to save time, reduce administrative hassles and improve their clinical workflow,” said William Pomerleau, Vice President of IT. “This new e-commerce platform is one part of our focus on improving the entire customer experience for all of the organizations and people we serve, including care providers, hospitals, payers, manufacturers and patients.”

Avella’s SourceB product line includes compounded and ophthalmology preparations designed to meet the needs of hospitals and physician practices nationwide. These organizations count on Avella to provide high-quality, safe, and effective products at a competitive price point. SourceB includes a wide variety of ready-to-use, unit-dosed vials that help organizations reduce waste, including hard-to-find and commonly used ophthalmology products such as Wet AMD injections, intravitreal antibiotics, fortified antibiotics and anti-fungal drops, dilating agents and topical anesthetics.

To learn more about SourceB, visit avella.com/SourceB and watch the video below. Ophthalmology customers can visit www.SourceB.com to request access to the new e-commerce platform.

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