Avella and Fertility Source Companies Partner to Offer Patients Discounted Fertility Drugs


Avella Specialty Pharmacy has announced a partnership with Fertility Source Companies, a family of organizations that assists individuals who are unable to conceive without egg donor or surrogate.


Avella Specialty Pharmacy

has just announced a new partnership with

Fertility Source Companies

, a family of organizations that assists individuals who are unable to conceive without the help of an egg donor or surrogate. Avella will be providing significant discounts on specialty medications that are used in fertility procedures such as in-vitro fertilization. These medications include Follistim, Pregnyl, Ganirelix, Menopur, progesterone and many others.

Avella has served fertility patients for nearly two decades with specialty drugs as well as compassionate support and education. For example, pharmacists can instruct patients on the proper procedures for self-injection, and provide advice for managing side effects related to treatment. In addition, Avella connects patients with financial assistance programs such as the one offered to Fertility Source customers. This assistance is especially valuable for individuals purchasing fertility medications, since these drugs are not typically covered by health insurance benefits.

“People who are pursuing fertility options such as egg donation and surrogacy are often dealing with a lot of emotional and financial challenges,” said

Jason Ott, Pharm.D.

, clinical fertility pharmacist at Avella. “Avella is proud to be able to help these individuals by not only providing guidance and premier service, but also through access to more affordable medications.”

Fertility Source Companies include The Donor Source and The Surrogacy Source. Fertility Source Companies is among the largest egg donor and surrogacy agencies in the United States.

“This partnership is truly beneficial for our intended parents,” said Donna Raidy, Chief Operating Officer of Fertility Source Companies. “Fertility Source Companies strives to help our intended parents financially while balancing education for our egg donors by providing them with the quality service of Avella.”

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