ASHP Match Ends with Over 5000 Placements in Pharmacy Residency Programs


Across the United States, 5090 individuals were matched to approximately 2500 pharmacy residency programs.

As quickly as the process began, ASHP 2019 Match concluded its Phase II earlier this week, with 5090 individuals from across the United States matched to approximately 2500 pharmacy residency programs. The 2-phase process, which is similar to programs of other health care professions, including medicine and dentistry, is annually conducted to meet the needs of the rapidly growing number of pharmacists and pharmacy candidates as well as residency programs seeking applicants.1

The ASHP’s Match Phase II gave applicants who did not match in Phase I a second opportunity to connect with a postgraduate training program. Phase II of this year’s Match resulted in 393 filled positions, which are in addition to the 4697 positions filled during Phase I.1

According to Janet A. Silvester, PharmD, MBA, FASHP, vice president of ASHP Accreditation Services Office, the pharmacy residents for the program’s 4th year were matched for postgraduate year 1 (PGY1) and postgraduate year 2 positions. This year, she says, there is a particular growth for PGY2.1

“The growth of PGY2 positions has outpaced the growth of PGY1 positions, at 9% and 5%, respectively. The rise in both applicants and positions demonstrates a clear demand for residency-trained pharmacists as part of a patient’s healthcare team,” Silvester said, in a prepared statement.

Over the last 5 years, residency positions have increased by 1473 positions, or 40%, nationwide. The growth is welcomed by students like Nicholas Pugliese, a 6th year PharmD candidate at University of Connecticut.

While in pharmacy school, Pugliese used his interest in pain management and infectious disease to seek opportunities to learn. In his 3rd year, Pugliese, an ASHP affiliate president, participated in a longitudinal rotation program through Hartford Hospital, which “matched” with him during Phase I in March.

“[The rotation program] provided opportunities for research and teaching. I took advantage of that to branch out and learn more, and as I went through, I learned that I liked cardiology and critical care more than my previous idea of pain management and infectious disease. So, I used those experiences to learn what I like and inform my decision,” Pugliese said.

Only 37 positions remain to be filled in the 2019 Post-Match Scramble. ASHP recommends that programs make their offers to candidates beginning April 17.


  • Match Day Pairs Thousands of Pharmacy Students with Residency Programs


ASHP’s Pharmacy Residency Match Meets Increased Need for Postgraduate Training [news release]. ASHP website. Published April 10, 2019. Accessed April 12, 2019.

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