ASHP Announces New Edition of Handbook on Injectable Drugs

Trusted Resource Packed with New Information on IV Compatibility and Stability


ASHP today announced the release of the 19th edition of the Handbook on Injectable Drugs™. The new edition adds 27 monographs, more than 300 new compatibility pairs, and more than 235 new references.

The Handbook is a collection of summaries of peer-reviewed published literature and product labeling on the pharmaceutics of parenteral medications in the clinical setting. The volume includes 365 monographs derived from more than 3,100 references and features nearly 22,000 compatibility pairs.

“For four decades, the Handbook has been the go-to, trusted resource for clinical decision-making,” said Carol Wolfe, M.A., ASHP Senior Vice President, Publications and Drug Information Systems. “ASHP is proud to provide this critically important tool that helps ensure that patients receive safe and effective drug therapy.”

The Handbook is also available as an online program and as an app for iOS and Android products. The interactive formats feature a search function that allows users to check an unlimited number of medications for two-drug combination compatibility. The online program and app also feature quarterly updates, FDA MedWatch alerts, and wall-chart custom views of compatibility results.

The print and online versions of the Handbook may be purchased separately or as a package and are available for both single user and institutional purchase. For more information or to place an order, visit For information on institutional purchase and to set up a free 30-day trial, contact Chris Jezowski at To discuss co-marketing or bulk sales, contact Rachel Gellman at