Apple Announcement Reminds of Need to "Mobilize" Retailer-Supplier Partnerships


September 9, 2014 - Apple is poised to make announcements today about a new iPhone, a “Dick Tracy”-ish watch, and whatever else the bright minds of Cupertino have cooked up to change our lives forever.

Amid the fascination about products by Apple and other leaders in the mobile space, retailers and suppliers have an opportunity to view today’s announcement as another reminder of the power of digital marketing, and the imperative to understand and act on it.

NACDS and AT Kearney can help.

At the NACDS Total Store Expo in August, a report inspired by the NACDS Retail Advisory Board and executed by AT Kearney was released amid great interest. “Results of the NACDS ‘Winning with Digital’ Study” described the state of digital marketing, and opportunities for retailer-supplier collaboration.

Then, just this week, AT Kearney released the first in a series of follow-up thought papers: “Implications of the ‘Winning with Digital’ Study.” The dialogue continues with a focused and forward-thinking look at retailer-supplier collaboration as it relates to offers, including weekly circulars and offers conveyed via digital platforms.

Today’s news out of Apple can inspire more than adding the latest technology to one’s personal wish list; it can reinforce the need to assess the marketing operating environment and to position for success. For those who already have reviewed the latest report from NACDS and AT Kearney, another reminder was hardly needed.

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